Be Your Own Boss: Who Else Can Help Me?

Be Your Own Boss: Startups with Jim

Join Jim Skinner, professor at The Business School and the Centre for Entrepreneurship as we discover what being your own boss is all about.

This week’s workshop will discuss what resources you need to build your business. Questions such as do you need a partner? a mentor? will be answered.

Tuesday, December 19 from 4:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. in the G building, G304

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Full Schedule

Nov. 28: What’s it like:  Running Your Own Business?  Is it Right for Me?

Dec. 05: What’s the Best Way to Get Started?

Dec. 12: How Do I Make It Legal?  Do I need a Lawyer?

Dec. 19 :Do I Need a Partner?  A Mentor?  Who Else Can Help Me?

Jan. 09: Do I Have to Write a Business Plan? What’s the Easiest Way to Do This?

Jan. 16: How Do I Know If My Idea Will Work?  How Can I Research It Quickly and Cheaply?

Jan. 23: How Can I Protect My Idea?  What is My Intellectual Property?

Jan. 30: What Will My Brand Be? What Role Will Social Media Play?

Feb. 06: How Will I Develop a Marketing Strategy?

Feb. 13: How Can I Develop Negotiating Skills?

Feb. 20: How Can I Develop Selling Skills?

Feb. 27: How Will I Promote Through Social Media? How Will Web Analytics Help?

Mar. 06: How Will I Manage the Processes in My Business?

Mar. 13: How Will I Practice Leadership Skills?

Mar. 20: What Do I Need to Know About Finance? What Will My Accountant Do?

Mar. 27: Where Can I Get the Money to Start My Business?

Apr. 03: Can My “Business” Be a Social Enterprise? A Non-profit?

Apr. 10: Will My Business Need to Grow? When? How

Apr. 17: Why Do I need to Pitch My Business Idea? How?