One Week Away! 2018 Digital Main Street Forum

The Digital Main Street Forum is focused on helping main street businesses embrace technology.
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The Digital Main Street Forum aims to assist main street businesses in embracing digital technologies to build and grow their operations – from online marketing and leveraging data to better engage your clients, to adopting ecommerce to reach a broader customer base, the Digital Main Street Forum will help you navigate the “Why” and “How To” of embracing both bricks and clicks for your business.
There’s No Such Thing As “Social Media Marketing”
Presented by Dani Gagnon
Social media was created as a social tool, not a marketing tool. If you’re actually going to reach an audience, you have to write for your target market, not as a way to further your business. That means making content interactive, clever and truly social; and framing it to reflect the things the Internet is talking about.
The Future of Commerce: Automation, Consumer Loyalty, and Data Driven Businesses
Presented by Jesse Hirsh
What are the tools and skills main street businesses need to thrive and prosoper in a highly competitive, data rich and turbulent marketplace? How can main street businesses ensure a human touch in the face of automation?
Demystifying Data
Presented by Corrine Sandler
The Internet has made us seriously delirious from data. We are living in a mad crazed data-driven world and analysis paralysis has crept in. Corrine will demystify it for you because data is just a story based on facts that have a soul.
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