Keith Crooc shares his Study Abroad experience at Aarhus, Denmark

On August 9, 2017, I arrived to the place that I would call my home for the next couple of months.
Aarhus, Denmark was a welcoming city that was full of life. The school I attended, Business Academy Aarhus, helped create a Study Abroad experience something I would never forget. They introduced me to an amazing group of friends (who were also abroad students) that I would still keep in contact with and miss to this very day. Business Academy Aarhus also brought a new style of learning in the “Digital Concept Development” program, which encouraged diversity and teamwork. We would work on 3 major projects that were provided by different businesses. The business would then brief us on a particular situation that they would like to improve. We were to form a team to take on the challenge and create a unique digital solution to present to executives who work for the business. The instructors were very involved in the entire process by providing more than just a lecture, they would also provide mentorship and give advice on how to approach challenges. Our digital solutions would then go towards an individual portfolio that we would have to create and present in an interview with our instructors as a final examination. During the interview, we would discuss how we incorporated concepts we learned in class to our solutions, and justify the application of each them. The Digital Concept Development program gave me the chance to showcase my passions for the digital industry and apply the skills that I have been learning over the years.

Studying in Aarhus was a very exciting and refreshing experience. It was a step out of my comfort zone, going into a new school, new culture and new people. But it is a step that I am so happy I took. I hope to one day have a reunion with the place I still consider my home and catch up with all the wonderful people I got to meet. Watch this video I made about my trip!