Merve Demir shares her experience as an exchange student from the Netherlands

Hello all,

I’m Merve, an exchange student from the Netherlands (Fontys University of Applied Science). I studied Digital Business Management this semester at the Humber College. I can say this was an amazing adventure for me. First of all I had to get used to the education system here in Canada. The way of working and the culture was different for me. But I have survived and learned a lot. I joined the DBSA team and helped at different cool workshops of it. I think that this is a really helpful activity from the faculty Digital Business Management. For example I helped at a workshop about SEO. Persons from companies came and explained how they use SEO for their company.

Beside school I did a lot of things. I met nice people, traveled and had my first real Canadian cottage weekend. Canada is such a beautiful country. I did a lot of hikes here and explored peaceful places. Before I came to Canada I heard stories about the kind Canadians, but I was wondering If it was true. And I can say the Canadians are the best!! When I was struggling with my friend Google Maps, a random woman asked me If everything was fine with me, because I was looking confused. Or that random people were talking to me while I was going to Down Town in the Streetcar. This wouldn’t happen back home.

Unfortunately this experience came to an end. I have to say goodbye, but I had a great time and went out of my comfort zone. Canada, I see you soon!