Playful Strides Therapy

Our Client

Playful Strides Therapy Inc. is located in Milton and provides Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy services for families living in Halton, Peel, Toronto, Guelph and surrounding regions. PSTI Therapists that provide service in clinic and the community, using innovative, flexible and evidenced led treatment which incorporates the entire child (and family). Occupational Therapists provide intervention ito all areas of daily activities, at home, school and the community. Physiotherapists provide intervention for physical skills impacting on development using a hands on approach.

Live Case Study – Website Project

This project is used as a live case study for the BUS 2504 Web Development course during Winter 2020 semester.

ARI to Support Classwork

Thanks to an award from Applied Research & Innovation, the funding is used to hire students from various Humber Faculties and programs to support the project in areas that are beyond the scope of the course.

The following student will be joining us to support our class work during the semester.

  • Sabrina Atzori, Professional Writing & Communications Program, Faculty of Liberal Arts
  • Thomas Durham, Digital Business Management BComm, Faculty of Business


Initial Meeting with Playful Strides Milton (Nov 2019)

Planning – Design Thinking

  • Jan 16: the class worked on an exercise to understand Cathy’s business and assembled the following questions for Cathy (Campbell, 2018, Chapter 3) in order to finalize the Project Requirements document.

Content Writing

  • Jan 10: Our copywriter (Sabrina) sent our client (Cathy) a document (view doc) that includes the suggested content strategy and an outline of the information she needs in order to start creating new content for the website, as well as ideas for reworking the existing content (Campbell, 2018, pp. 54-58, 78-82, 100-102)
  • Jan 18: The class sent some questions to Cathy, her responses were shared with both the class and Sabrina (view doc)
  • Jan 26: Sabrina emailed Cathy the following document as a first draft (view doc)
  • Feb 1: Hanadi followed up with Cathy on feedback.

WordPress Development

Feb 2: Our WordPress developer (Thomas) suggested the following free themes to our client, based on the following criteria (Campbell, 2018, pp. 27-28, 47-51, 58-64, 102-113):

Suggested ThemesCriteria
AlvesStyle of the theme
Most similar to OTC
BarnsburyStructure and design of the theme
Many designs and customization options
MaywoodStructure and design of the theme
Simple and effective header design
Banner Image
StratfordSimple structure and design
Call-to-action banner
Radcliffe 2Header

Design Thinking– Ideate

Feb 6: The class worked on phase 3 of the Design Thinking process (Ideate) and produced the following storyboard through the card sorting exercise (Campbell, 2018, Chapter 4).