FAQ Registration

Page updated June 2023 – Hanadi

Sending an email with registration issues

Please check this FAQ page before sending an email. 

During the Summer 2023, your Summer Program Coordinator is Rajni Shridhar <Rajni.Shridhar@humber.ca>

If you need to send an email, you MUST include your student number as part of a descriptive subject line, for example: “Registration Issue BUS 1000 CRN 1234 student N0123456”

  • Send one email including all the information needed 
  • Include the course code, title, and CRN (4 digit number that is section-specific) 
  • Include a screenshot of the error message you’re getting when trying to self-enroll

Registration Resources

  1. Registration times: use the following link to determine your registration period
  2. Check the curriculum (with pre-reqs)as you prep for the registration
  3. Academic Calendar / Last Day to Add a Course: Please be reminded that students can add and drop courses until “The Last Day To Add a Course”, so enrollment in courses will keep changing until then. The following is a link to Humber’s Academic Calendar that includes important dates
  4. International students: for questions about the visa, please contact international: https://international.humber.ca/ 
  5. For questions about fees, contact <bursar@humber.ca>
  6. For questions about OSAP & Financial Aid, contact <finaid@humber.ca>

Planning your Academic Progress / Pre-requisites

Please be reminded of the following while planning your academic progress:

  • Semester 1, 3, 5, 7 core courses are offered in the Fall
  • Semester 2, 4, 6, 8 core courses are offered in the Winter
  • Semester 2 core courses are offered in the Summer for the January intake
  • Business Degree electives are offered in Fall and Winter only (not Summer)
  • Degree Breadth electives are offered in Fall, Winter, and Summer

Please be aware that as a student in a program that is designed to be taken full-time (4 years, 8 semesters), you will need to ensure that you plan and select courses carefully. You must keep in mind that some courses have pre-requisites and all courses are offered according to the curriculum outlined in your Academic Progress page in MyHumber. Please be reminded that taking heavier course load(s) in earlier semesters may result in lighter course load(s) in later semesters due to the pre-requisites, it will not result in being able to complete the program in 3 years instead of 4 years.

Breadth Electives

Common Registration Issues

My Preferred Sections are FULL (0 space)

You will not be able to self-enroll in classes that are full, and unfortunately, I will not be able to enroll you if there are other sections with available space. You must self-enroll in a section that has space, and keep monitoring your preferred section(s) for changes as some students may drop and a spot becomes available. Enrollment will continue to fluctuate until the last day to add courses.

Restrictions (Program or Semester)

Most (not all) restrictions will be lifted two weeks after registration opens.

Please note that restrictions are not errors: when registration opens, courses will be restricted to the semester & program in which they are supposed to be taken based on the program curriculum, accessible through your Academic Progress on MyHumber, this is to ensure that those students who need to take them do get a seat. You will be able to self-enroll in courses that are not in your specific semester & program only after restrictions are lifted. Please contact me AFTER restrictions are lifted if you continue to experience problems with enrollment. I will then submit a SAF “Student Action Form” to the Office of the Registrar asking for help with enrollment. SAFs will only be processed by the Office of the Registrar after restrictions are lifted. 


If you are facing registration issues due to a “hold”, you will need to submit an e-form to the Office of the Registrar through your MyHumber account by selecting Student > Student Records > Records/Registration E-form

Accounts Receivable Hold

If you cannot register due to an “AR Hold”, please check your account balance on MyHumber to make sure the payment is made for the right term:

  • Log in to your MyHumber account (www.humber.ca/myhumber)
  • Click ‘Student’
  • Click ‘Student Account & Fees’
  • Click ‘Account Detail for Term/Humber College Receipt’
  • Select a Term – Ex. Winter 2023 and click ‘Submit’
  • Review your balance under “account balance”

If you have other questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar:  

  • Email: enquiry@humber.ca
  • Phone: 416.675.3111 or toll-free at 1.877.675.5660, Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Winter & Summer Registration FAQ’s

  1. Winter Registration FAQs
  2. Summer Registration FAQs