Winter 2021 Webinar Series through Cross-faculty Collaboration

“Success: A Digital Era Edition” is a series of webinars produced by students from the Faculty of Business in collaboration with students from the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences & Innovative Learning. 

These webinars represent a cross faculty collaboration project as the supervisors are affiliated with the faculty of Business (Hanadi Alnawab) and the faculty of Liberal Arts and sciences and innovative Learning (Meaghan Strimas and Heba Al-Samarrie). These webinars were planned and produced as alternative assessments and assignments with the goal to connect current Humber students with alumni & industry. Since the students who attended these webinars belong to various programs at Humber, a wide range of topics was included, such as digital skills, business, marketing, and wellness, to ensure diversity and inclusion. 

Access the full list of webinar recordings here