Digital Business Management Students Host a Successful Digital Conference

The Digital Business Management students hosted our Winter 2022 Digital Conference on Thursday Feb 24, 2022 as part of the BUS 2504 Web Development class. The three sessions were planned, promoted, and produced as a class assignment through HumberOnline.Solutions in collaboration with the Digital Business Management Student Association.

To prepare the class for their first virtual conference, we invited Mackenzie Klin and Sunny Chopra from the DBSA’s Events Team to join our class as Guest Speakers and share their experience producing virtual events, they had a great discussion with the students and provided tips and tricks for a successful event.

To learn more about the conference, visit the DBSA’s blog post Digital Business Conference: A Glimpse into the Digital World, written by Jeneen Richards & Komal Sethi

Session 1: Careers in IT & Business

Guest: Amar Latchman, Business Analyst @ Deloitte (LinkedIn)
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Session 2: Shopify

– Faria Islam, Senior Go to Market Manager @Shopify (LinkedIn)
– Jonah Zapparoli, Merchant Support Advisor @ Shopify (LinkedIn)
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Session 3: Digital Business Management Grad Panel

– Uche Umolu, Strategy & Innovation Program Specialist @ Foresters Financial (LinkedIn)
– Michallia Marks, Marketing Coordinator @ Unbounce (LinkedIn)
– Amanda Rice, Associate Product Manager @ North West Rubber (LinkedIn)
– Martin Perez, Digital Marketing Specialist @ ParseHub (LinkedIn)
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