Digital Business Students Work on an International Project Supporting Female Refugees in Kenya

A group of students from the Digital Business Management BComm and the Fashion Arts and Business programs at the Faculty of Business joined a multi-disciplinary team of students from Humber’s Faculty of Media and Creative Arts, and the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences on an international project to support female refugees in Kenya.

In collaboration with Humber’s International Development Institute, and in partnership with local partner CAP-Youth Empowerment Institute (CAPYEI), the project is led by Hanadi Alnawab, Professor and Program Coordinator of the Digital Business Management BComm, and completed over the following three phases.

Building the Digital Curriculum (Jan 10 – Feb 25 2022)

Our team developed a set of instructional step-by-step videos that will be used to teach the beneficiaries how to build their online presence from scratch. The modules were recorded using Android with basic English and French instructions and voice over, and cover everything needed to create an online presence starting with how to create a logo with Canva, how to best communicate with customers using tools like Gmail and WhatsApp, how to set up and use Facebook and Instagram to build a following on social media, and finally, how to build an information website with to complete the online presence. All the modules were created using Kitenge Fashion as a case study (website, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok).

Training of the Trainers (Feb 28 – March 11, 2022)

In this phase of the project (ToT), we delivered presentations and hands-on training to the CAPYEI team of trainers. The training took place virtually over two weeks, and covered a variety of topics starting with teaching tips and strategies facilitated by Hanadi Alnawab, followed by sessions delivered by the full team on communications, branding, social media, and web development.

Mentorship Program (July – August 2022)

We are looking forward to working directly with the beneficiaries and supporting them as they create their online digital presence using the resources above.

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