Web Development Students Collaborate with Bakery Management Students on Cross-Program Project

The Digital Business Management program worked with the Baking and Pastry Arts Management program during Winter 2022; a collaborative project between two courses in three different programs at the Faculty of Business:

The students from the Bakery Management class worked in teams on developing a product, and were matched with a team of developers from the Web Development class who developed an information website to promote the product.

Matching the Teams

We started by asking the Bakers to create short video introducing themselves and their product concept, we then asked the Web Developers to watch those videos and submit their top three choices on who they would like to work with. The teams were matched by the professors based on the skill level and interest. The Web Development teams were then asked to create short videos introducing themselves to their client, the Bakers!

Watch the videos above! Meet the teams: Bakers & Web Developers

Web Developers & Bakers meet virtually to discuss the project

S’n’S Bakers meet their Web Developers

The Bakers at Work!

The Bakers started developing their concept and baking their product, and shared content for the website (images and videos) with the web developers

Samples Tasting Day!

The Web Developers enjoyed samples shared by the Bakers, thanks to Chef Gray for brining us samples to the Lakeshore campus, this was day full of sugar and energy! We enjoyed the goodies and shared with other students in the L commons and promoted the project and products.

Final Presentations

The Bakers presented their final products in-person at the North Campus to their professor, a panel of judges, and guests. The Web Developers presented their work to their clients and their professor virtually, and were required to blog about the experience, read this blog post “S’n’S Buns Collab: A Sweet Cross-Program Experience to Remember“, written by the S’n’S Web Development team!

Learn more about the project & final products

Lesson Learned

Both teams provided feedback and reflected on their experience in order to improve future project collaboration. Both teams agreed that this was a unique experience and made suggestions for future students! We look forward to future delicious collaborations with our culinary programs!

Feedback provided by both teams: Bakers and Web Developers