Fall 2022 Digital Conference

Great day and rich conversations!

Connecting current students with grads and industry through new and innovative projects is my passion. This Fall, we hosted the following four sessions on Nov 7 through two of our Digital Business Management courses; BUS 2504 Web Development and BUS 3003 e-Business Information Systems and Technology:

  1. Starting Your Own Business, with our guest Thomas DurhamMango Digital
  2. Wix Academic Partnership, presented by Caitlin Herring, Wix
  3. Technology & Wellness, with industry guest: Dan RogersrxRecourse
  4. Remote Work, Wellness and Productivity, with Ben Wise, Jeanne Marie Castor, and Samantha Ruth

Our guests shared their experience and insights on various digital business topics that we connected to class assignments, the sessions were hosted by digital business students Mikyala Ouma, Carlos Andres Martinez, and Haris Khan.

Watch the recordings on the Fall 2022 Digital Conference page