App Prototype Design for rxRecourse

We’re back in-person and totally loving the energy of in-class collaboration and brainstorming!

Our semester five BUS 3003 students have been working on designing an App prototype for our industry partner  rxRecourse; a Canadian fitness business based in Toronto.

The students worked in groups and used MethodKits as a brainstorming tool during the exploratory research stage of their project, starting with the MethodKit for App Development in week two, followed by MethodKit for Service Design in week three, and finally MethodKit with Human Needs in week four.

The exploratory research was followed by a meeting with our client and stake holders to fully understand the business problem and the industry. We also had guest speaker sessions on App development and an introductory session to Create with Play, and finally a full hands-on workshop to explore prototype development using the PLAY App. The workshop was facilitated by Prof David Neumann and one of his UX design students from Humber’s Faculty of Media and Creative Arts.

The student groups presented their work to our client through recorded presentations that included a demo of their App prototype. Below are screenshots from a very creative presentation that was produced at Humber’s Idea Lab, with support from our Digital Literacy librarians.

Learn more about how this project was completed in class on Humber Online Solutions