Cross-program Collaborative Blogging Experience

The Digital Business Management students worked with the Baking and Pastry Arts Management students during Fall 2022; a collaborative project designed by Chef Alastair Gray and Hanadi Alnawab on the development of a Café Reviews blogging website.

Baking and Pastry Arts Management students were asked to visit a coffee or tea shop as part of their second year BAKE 204 course work, taught by Chef Alastair Gray, critique and review every aspect of their experience from the quality of the beverage to how it is presented to what it is presented in, and of course what you can eat with it, making sure to not forget the ambiance.

Digital Business Management BComm students were responsible for designing and developing the website, and supporting their colleagues with the technical requirements of optimizing the content for search engines, publishing the blog posts, and maintaining this website as part of their BUS 2504 course work, supervised by Hanadi Alnawab.

Learn more about the project on Humber Online Solutions.