At Humber, Bakers Meet Web Developers in Class: Collaborating for Bakery Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Class Project Turns into a Celebration of Students’ Achievements!

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

This Winter 2023 project is a collaboration between faculty and students from two programs at the Longo Faculty of Business:

The Bakery and Pastry Arts Management students developed and produced unique pastries as part of their BAKE 253 course, while the Digital Business Management students developed websites to support the online presence of the bakers. A Bake Sale page with an order form was created to promote the bake sale, scheduled to take place during week 13 of the semester at Gourmet Express, Humber’s North campus. Learn more about this collaborative project and how we used AI tools to support content generation.

Samples for our class at the Lakeshore

Our class on week 12 at the Lakeshore campus did not look like a regular class, the first part of class time was dedicated to our BUS 2504 students only, where we got to sample the desserts made by the bakers, while working on the web development project, setting up the room, and playing board games!

Tasting Party at the Lakeshore!

We opened our doors to students and guests from Humber college at noon to share our story! With help from the wonderful team of the Digital Business Student Association, we were able to transform this “tasting” event into a celebration of student success. The DBSA team planned activities including games, prizes and snacks, as well as a photo booth for LinkedIn headshots (and fun pictures too!).

The Humber community joined us to meet the class and learn more about the project. Our guests included Humber faculty, admin, and staff from various departments including the Longo Faculty of Business, the Lakeshore Principal’s Office, Humber Libraries, Office of Research & Innovation, Longo Centre for Entrepreneurship, and our Placement Centre.

Artificial Intelligence to Support Content Creation

The Digital Business Student Association’s events team planned an interactive Kahoot! game of “Guess What Image is AI!“. Participants engaged in this game through their phones. Check this page and explore how we used AI tools to generate content for this project.

Can you tell which one is AI? drag the arrow to compare

Dragon’s Den at the North Campus

The Pastry Chefs presented their work to a team of judges at Humber’s North campus Wednesday April 19, 2023 and celebrated the end of their semester!

Next Steps: Scholarship for Teaching & Learning

I am thrilled for the opportunity to further enhance this project with support from Humber’s Office of Research and Innovation through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) SEED fund. We will be conducting focus groups during the month of May to measure the learning experience and analyze feedback on this collaborative project.


We would like to thank our Humber community for supporting this project in various ways:

  • Chef Daniel Gonzalez, Baking & Pastry Arts Management Program, Longo Faculty of Business
  • David Neumann, Faculty of Media & Creative Arts
  • David Scott &, Photography Program, Faculty of Media & Creative Arts
  • Lauren Cheong, Photography Program, Faculty of Media & Creative Arts
  • Rohan Dayal, Product Photography
  • Dalida Garcia, Longo Faculty of Business
  • Idea Lab, Humber Library Lakeshore Campus
  • Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation
  • Tiffany Lin, Event Photography
  • Sebastian Gil, Event Photography
  • Digital Business Student Association Winter 2023 team: Carla Pineda, Haris Khan, Sameha Dahir, Jathuzan Chandra, Pasindu Joseph, Hari Murali Lalu, Nisha Solanki, Jenny Nguyen, Inara Zayn, Rahul Sharma, Amaan Ali Sayed, Joseph Paniccia